"Protecting the beauty and biodiversity of landscapes is a life’s work for men like David Myers. If the lanky naturalist takes you sightseeing, you’d best wear sturdy boots."

- New California botanic garden celebrates native conifers and plants


I was looking through older sketchbooks recently and found these two images…


Just in time for back to school—my new Interstate bedding for Land of Nod! Catch some zzz’s while reviewing your US geography. The set includes a map quilt, bear and compass throw pillows, and a happy sun and cloud sham. I had a great time designing this set! Released Fall 2013 and available here.

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happening right now. on view until feb 7. read more here.
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lamp-in-a-box recently re-designed their website. they are offering a new selection of my artwork on lamp shades here.


Meet Evelina, Frankie, Ines and Lolly—my new collection of embroidered dolls for Land of Nod. These dolls were inspired by many trips I made as a young girl, accompanying my mother to visit two talented ladies, Eda and Kisha.  They rescued dolls (from the doll factory) and created beautifully handmade Hungarian folk costumes for them, and when I would visit, I would always get to take one home. Eda and Kisha were close friends of my grandparents, who were also Hungarian émigrés living in Los Angeles. Learn more and see the collection here.

dripdrop test, available for licensing
dripdroporange: available for licensing
dripdrop1, available for licensing
now available as a print. order info here!
just released! my new birds nod chair for land of nod!
just released: my new rocket ship chair for land of nod!